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Tags: Physics

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  1. Nick Nystrom

  2. Theodore Pavlic

  3. Peter Dunstan

  4. k a lynch

  5. Mary Williard Elting

  6. Todd Hylton

    Dr. Todd Hylton is the Executive Director of the Contextual Robotics Institute and Professor of Practice in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UC San Diego. His research...

  7. Dimitris Pinotsis

    Dr Dimitris Pinotsis is a Assistant Professor with tenure (Lecturer) at the Centre for Mathematical Neuroscience and Psychology and the Department of Psychology at City, University of London. He is...

  8. Elbert Branscomb

  9. Nigel Goldenfeld

  10. Jaime Winterton

    Jamie Winterton is the Director of Strategy for ASU’s Global Security Initiative, where she creates novel solutions for multifaceted and disparate problem spaces. Jamie coordinates and participates...

  11. Nathaniel Virgo

  12. Nicholas Guttenberg

  13. Ashley Stroupe

  14. Carolyn Mercer

  15. Jim Zimbelman

  16. Marc Kuchner

  17. Shawn Domagal Goldman

  18. Steven Silverberg

  19. Will Brinckerhoff

  20. Eric Smith

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