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Tags: Science Communication

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  1. Meredith Moore

    Directs the fish conservation program at Ocean Conservancy - focus on sustainable federal fisheries management complemented by teams at the PFMC and the GMFMC. Looking for practical solutions to...

  2. Maureen Langlois

  3. Sarah Gossett

  4. Mirelsa Modestti-Gonzalez

  5. Rachel Valletta

    I am an earth scientist specializing in climate change education, science communication, and energy and environmental policy. I serve as the Environmental Scientist at The Franklin Institute in...

  6. Katherine E. Hartmann

    I'm an epidemiologist and outcomes researcher. In clinical life I am an OB/GYN generalist. My own research focus is getting answers that matter to women and their care providers. It extends from...

  7. Nosiphiwe Ngqwala

    Dr Nosiphiwe “Nosi” Ngqwala was born in Kwazulu Natal and raised in the Eastern Cape. She is currently a lecture at Rhodes University in the faculty of Pharmacy. As a young academic she...

  8. Marti Louw

    Marti Louw directs the Learning Media Design Center at Carnegie Mellon University with joint appointments in the Human Computer Interaction and Robotics Institutes; and is teaching faculty in the...

  9. Lisa PytlikZillig

  10. Frauke Hachtmann

  11. Linda Pfeiffer

  12. Joey M. Hulbert

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