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Tags: Social Behavioral or Economic Sciences

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  1. Sunny Rice

  2. Radley Horton

  3. Gabrielle Wong-Parodi

  4. Sarah Wise

    I'm an environmental anthropologist who focuses on multi-scale governance and decision-making in vulnerable coastal communities globally. My research explores social-ecological systems and...

  5. Olga Wilhelmi

  6. Patricia Widener

  7. Heather Triezenberg

  8. Marco Tedesco

  9. Liz Smith

  10. Lisa Schiavinato

  11. Elizaveta Barrett Ristroph

  12. Allison Reilly

  13. Leslie Reeder-Myers

  14. Michael Orbach

    Michael K. Orbach is Professor Emeritus of Marine Affairs and Policy in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, a Research Professor in the Institute for Marine Sciences at the...

  15. Charles Nichols

  16. Megan Mullin

  17. Tischa Munoz-Erickson

  18. Rebecca Morss

  19. Mirelsa Modestti-Gonzalez

  20. Alexis Merdjanoff

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