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Tags: Social Behavioral or Economic Sciences

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  1. Alexis Merdjanoff

  2. Ali Mostafavi

  3. Ali Nejat

    My main research focus is on bridging the gap between infrastructure management and social science by developing human-centered models and simulations. More specifically, my research aims to...

  4. Allison Reilly

  5. Amy Gusick

  6. Anamaria Bukvic

  7. Andrew Ashton

    Coastal geomorphologist studying primarily coastline evolution. Interested in sandy, rocky, and carbonate coasts; barriers, spits, deltas, and capes; and human interactions. Always trying to make...

  8. Andrew Pershing

  9. Ann Mooney

  10. Annie Turek

    Annie (Brock) Turek is a conservation practitioner with more than ten years of experience integrating interdisciplinary science into natural resource management, policy, and project implementation....

  11. Anthony Dvarskas

    Anthony Dvarskas is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Economics at Stony Brook University. He researches economic valuation of coastal and marine ecosystem goods and services, particularly...

  12. Arielle Levine

  13. Aslaug Asgeirsdottir

    My research has been on ocean governance broadly speaking, with specific projects focusing on cooperation over shared fisheries, settling of maritime boundaries, and more recently on the politics...

  14. Ben Ford

    Ben Ford is a maritime and historical archaeologists whose research focuses on coastal archaeology and heritage management. He holds a PhD in nautical archaeology from Texas A&M University, as well...

  15. Brad Murray

    Murray, a geomorphologist, addresses how landscapes evolve, and how they respond to changes in climate and land-use forcing. In recent years, much of Murray’s research focuses on coastal landscapes...

  16. Brian Helmuth

  17. Brian Houston

    J. Brian Houston, PhD, is Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Communication at the University of Missouri and is Director for the Disaster and Community Crisis Center (DCC) at the...

  18. Brittany Bloodhart

  19. Brittany Davis

    My research interests include environmental justice, tourism, and lionfish management.

  20. Carla Guenther

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