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Tags: Social Behavioral or Economic Sciences

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  1. Meredith Welch-Devine

  2. Michael Craw

    Michael Craw is associate professor of public administration in UA Little Rock’s School of Public Affairs and director of the Center for Public Collaboration. He teaches courses in public finance,...

  3. Michael Donovan

  4. Michael Lindell

  5. Michael Orbach

    Michael K. Orbach is Professor Emeritus of Marine Affairs and Policy in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, a Research Professor in the Institute for Marine Sciences at the...

  6. Michaela Labriole

  7. Mirelsa Modestti-Gonzalez

  8. Monica Barra

  9. Nadine Heck

    Nadine Heck as a Project Scientist in Ocean Sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Before moving to California, she was a postdoc in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell...

  10. Nancy Jackson

  11. Naveen Eluru

    Prof. Naveen Eluru is primarily involved in the formulation and development of discrete choice models that allow us to better understand the behavioral patterns involved in various decision...

  12. Nina Lam

    Nina Lam is Professor and E.L. Abraham Distinguished Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Louisiana State University. She was Chair of the Department (2007-2010), Program...

  13. Noor Johnson

  14. Olga Wilhelmi

  15. Patricia Widener

  16. Paul Hindsley

  17. Paul Kirshen

  18. Paul Seelbach

  19. Radley Horton

  20. Raychelle Aluaq Daniel

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