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Tags: Social Behavioral or Economic Sciences

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  1. Chanda Littles

    I am broadly interested in how coastal ecosystems support and sustain animal populations, including humans. My background includes species population modeling, ecosystem monitoring, wetland policy...

  2. Chandra V Chandrasekar

  3. Charles Lester

    Dr. Charles Lester has been working in the field of ocean and coastal management for more than 25 years. He recently moved to the Marine Sciences Institute at UC Santa Barbara, and continues to...

  4. Charles Nichols

  5. Chenfeng Xiong

  6. Christopher Sherwood

    I work at the USGS Coastal and Marine Science Center in Woods Hole, MA. I have worked for the USGS since 1999...prior to that I was with CSIRO in Hobart, and Battelle Pacific NW Labs in Sequim and...

  7. Christy Foran

  8. Clinton Andrews

    Urban planner with coastal resilience interests. See

  9. Courtney Thompson

    Dr. Thompson is an assistant professor at Texas A&M University in the Department of Geography. Her research in human-environment interactions examines relationships between social systems and...

  10. Cynthia Grace-McCaskey

  11. Daniele Spirandelli

  12. David Trimbach

    I am an interdisciplinary social scientist with a PhD in human geography from the University of Kansas. I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife...

  13. Davin Holen

  14. Dean Kyne

    Dean Kyne serves as Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He is a core faculty...

  15. Donald Thieme

    By training, I am a geomorphologist and soil scientist. I study the distributions and properties of sediments and soils to identify the direction and rate of landscape change. In addition to direct...

  16. Donovan Finn

    Urban planner teaching in a school of marine and atmospheric sciences. Interested in issues related to long-term recovery from disasters and coastal urban resilience.

  17. Douglas Sherman

  18. Elizabeth Figus

  19. Elizaveta Barrett Ristroph

  20. Ellen Herbert

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