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Tags: Social Behavioral or Economic Sciences

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  1. Emma Cutler

    Emma Cutler is a PhD candidate at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth. Her research focuses on coastal processes, sea level rise impacts, and adaptation strategies, with an emphasis on...

  2. Eric Jones

    I am currently assistant professor of social epidemiology in the UTHealth School of Public Health's Department of Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Environmental Sciences. I received a doctorate in...

  3. Erika Fuchs

  4. Erika Lentz

    Erika Lentz is a Research Geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey stationed at the Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center. She received her PhD in Geology from the University of Rhode...

  5. Erin Baker

  6. Erin Seekamp

    Dr. Seekamp is an associate professor at NC State University. She received a Ph.D. from the Department of Conservation Social Sciences in the College of Natural Resources at the University of...

  7. Ethan Allen

    At Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL), Dr, Ethan Allen oversees the development and growth of PREL’s STEM education programs throughout Hawaii and the other U.S.-affiliated Pacific...

  8. Gabrielle Wong-Parodi

  9. Geoff Willard

  10. Haizhong Wang

  11. Hanadi Rifai

    Hanadi Rifai is John and Rebecca Moores Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Houston (UH). She is Director of the Hurricane Resilience Research Institute (HuRRI)...

  12. Hans-Peter Plag

  13. Haorui Wu

  14. Heather Triezenberg

  15. Heidi Roop

    Heidi Roop is Lead Scientist for Science Communication at the University Washington’s Climate Impact Group. Heidi works to strengthen the connection between climate science and decision making...

  16. Hilary McMillan

    I hope to contribute my knowledge in the areas of hydrology, water-related hazards, coupled models and socio-hydrology. Simulating the whole system from atmosphere to oceans will be essential to...

  17. Huili Hao

  18. Hussam Mahmoud

  19. Jacob Ball

    Epidemiologist with training in medical anthropology. Major work/research interests are in infectious disease transmission dynamics, public health surveillance and evidence-based public health...

  20. James Lima

    James Lima works as a Senior Minerals Leasing Specialist in the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in Anchorage Alaska. He has worked on ocean, coastal and related social sociocultural and economic...

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