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Tags: Social Behavioral or Economic Sciences

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  1. Lan Nguyen

  2. Leah Bremer

    I am an interdisciplinary conservation scientist interested in the linked social, cultural, economic, and ecological dimensions of watershed and water resource management. I work primarily in...

  3. Leanna Mack

  4. Leigh Graham

  5. Leslie Reeder-Myers

  6. Lindsey Williams

    Lindsey Williams is a social scientist with the Marine Advisory Services group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sea Grant College Program. Her current research focuses broadly on...

  7. Lisa Schiavinato

  8. Liz Smith

  9. Lizhu Wang

  10. maggie sanders

  11. Marco Tedesco

  12. Maria Lowe

    Maria Vedder Lowe is the sole proprietor of Pooponomics LLC, a consulting firm with offices in St Pete Beach, FL; Monticello, GA; and Paris, France. The mission of Pooponomics LLC is to consult...

  13. Maria Wallace

    My connection to coastal communities is both professional and personal. From living across the Gulf Coast and on Cape Cod, I’ve witnessed my fair share of coastal hazards. While in Jackson,...

  14. Mark Barnes

  15. Mark Luther

    Mark Luther is an Associate Professor and director of the Center for Maritime and Port Studies in the University of South Florida College of Marine Science. He has provided operation and...

  16. Matthew Varkony

    I am a first year PhD student at the University of Miami, FL studying climate and society. My background is in math and economics with a focus on natural disasters. I am interested in the...

  17. May Joseph

    Hi. I am a researcher of coastal societies, archipelagic ecologies, historic maritime networks, and am a site specific performance artist who works with water and islands on the topic of storm...

  18. Megan Mullin

  19. Melissa Kenney

    Dr. Melissa A. Kenney is an Associate Research Professor in Environmental Decision Analysis and Indicators at the University of Maryland. Her research broadly addresses how to integrate both...

  20. Meredith Leung

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