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Tags: Social Behavioral or Economic Sciences

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  1. Michael Lindell

  2. Dean Kyne

    Dean Kyne serves as Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He is a core faculty...

  3. Noor Johnson

  4. Nancy Jackson

  5. John Hummel

  6. Brian Houston

    J. Brian Houston, PhD, is Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Communication at the University of Missouri and is Director for the Disaster and Community Crisis Center (DCC) at the...

  7. Leigh Graham

  8. Cynthia Grace-McCaskey

  9. Timothy Goodale

  10. Roni Fraser

  11. Ben Ford

    Ben Ford is a maritime and historical archaeologists whose research focuses on coastal archaeology and heritage management. He holds a PhD in nautical archaeology from Texas A&M University, as well...

  12. Christy Foran

  13. Donovan Finn

    Urban planner teaching in a school of marine and atmospheric sciences. Interested in issues related to long-term recovery from disasters and coastal urban resilience.

  14. Tracey Dalton

  15. Jessica Boakye

  16. Thomas Birkland

  17. Ryan Bergstrom

    I am broadly trained in physical, economic, and rural geography, as well as sustainability sciences, and I see the value in integrating these multiple perspectives in scholarship. My research...

  18. Roberto Barrios

    Dr. Roberto E Barrios is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale. He has conducted ethnographic research on post-disaster reconstruction during the last 19...

  19. Mark Barnes

  20. Jacob Ball

    Epidemiologist with training in medical anthropology. Major work/research interests are in infectious disease transmission dynamics, public health surveillance and evidence-based public health...

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