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Tags: Social Behavioral or Economic Sciences

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  1. Geoff Willard

  2. Haizhong Wang

  3. David Trimbach

    I am an interdisciplinary social scientist with a PhD in human geography from the University of Kansas. I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife...

  4. Daniele Spirandelli

  5. Susan Sterett

    I served as a program officer for three years at NSF in Law and Social Sciences. I work on how people mobilize the law, and how courts manage claims. I have written on social welfare claims after...

  6. Rick Spinrad

    Rick Spinrad is a Professor of Oceanography at Oregon State University (OSU) and President-Elect of the Marine Technology Society (MTS). In 2016 he retired as Chief Scientist of the National...

  7. Sumi Selvaraj

    Sumi Selvaraj is a coastal analyst at the California Coastal Commission. She works on projects related to environmental justice and climate change. Most recently she helped to develop the agency’s...

  8. Erin Seekamp

    Dr. Seekamp is an associate professor at NC State University. She received a Ph.D. from the Department of Conservation Social Sciences in the College of Natural Resources at the University of...

  9. Tyler Scott

  10. Kathleen Schaefer

    When I'm not channeling my inner Martha Stewart I'm tweeting about all things flood related. As a PhD Student at UC Davis, I'm currently living the college experience that I missed in my first two...

  11. maggie sanders

  12. Yi Qiang

    I am an assistant professor at the Department of Geography and Environment, University of Hawaii - Manoa. My research interests span from fundamentals of space-time representation to applications...

  13. Lan Nguyen

  14. Kevan Moffett

  15. Hilary McMillan

    I hope to contribute my knowledge in the areas of hydrology, water-related hazards, coupled models and socio-hydrology. Simulating the whole system from atmosphere to oceans will be essential to...

  16. Kaitlin Mattos

  17. Hussam Mahmoud

  18. Mark Luther

    Mark Luther is an Associate Professor and director of the Center for Maritime and Port Studies in the University of South Florida College of Marine Science. He has provided operation and...

  19. Chanda Littles

    I am broadly interested in how coastal ecosystems support and sustain animal populations, including humans. My background includes species population modeling, ecosystem monitoring, wetland policy...

  20. James Lima

    James Lima works as a Senior Minerals Leasing Specialist in the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in Anchorage Alaska. He has worked on ocean, coastal and related social sociocultural and economic...

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