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Tags: Social Behavioral or Economic Sciences

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  1. Jia Li

  2. Arielle Levine

  3. Meredith Leung

  4. Charles Lester

    Dr. Charles Lester has been working in the field of ocean and coastal management for more than 25 years. He recently moved to the Marine Sciences Institute at UC Santa Barbara, and continues to...

  5. Nina Lam

    Nina Lam is Professor and E.L. Abraham Distinguished Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Louisiana State University. She was Chair of the Department (2007-2010), Program...

  6. Davin Holen

  7. Nadine Heck

    Nadine Heck as a Project Scientist in Ocean Sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Before moving to California, she was a postdoc in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell...

  8. Amy Gusick

  9. Jamila Glover

  10. Brittany Davis

    My research interests include environmental justice, tourism, and lionfish management.

  11. Michael Donovan

  12. Joyce Chen

  13. Kyle Cavanaugh

  14. Leah Bremer

    I am an interdisciplinary conservation scientist interested in the linked social, cultural, economic, and ecological dimensions of watershed and water resource management. I work primarily in...

  15. Robin Bronen

  16. Steve Boss

    I am Professor of Environmental Dynamics and Sustainability in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Arkansas. My current primary research interests are in the broad area of natural...

  17. Brittany Bloodhart

  18. Clinton Andrews

    Urban planner with coastal resilience interests. See

  19. Ethan Allen

    At Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL), Dr, Ethan Allen oversees the development and growth of PREL’s STEM education programs throughout Hawaii and the other U.S.-affiliated Pacific...

  20. Ryan Anderson

    I'm an assistant professor in the department of anthropology at Santa Clara University, and a Research Associate at the Institute of Marine Sciences at UC Santa Cruz. My current research focuses on...

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