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Tags: Statistics

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  1. Brian Inouye

  2. Berry Brosi

  3. Sandrine Dudoit

  4. Jay Preston Kitt

    I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Utah appointed to the departments of Biomedical Informatics and Chemistry. My research interests currently involve informatics research in air...

  5. Roberto Rivera

  6. Wenjiang Fu

  7. Ryan Mcgranaghan

    My passion lies in space, both from engineering and scientific perspectives. I believe that drastic progress in space capabilities and sciences will come from big thinking and research at the...

  8. David Scott Matteson

  9. Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson

  10. Adam Brentnall

  11. Chenghua Shao

  12. vic patrangenaru

  13. Emily Kang

  14. Kai Zhang

    Kai Zhang, MS, MA, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, Human Genetics, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of...

  15. Kai Zhang

    My research explores emerging topics in urban environmental pollution at the interface among climate change, extreme weather events, air pollution, urban exposome and health. My perspective is to...

  16. Keith O'Rourke

  17. DeDe Paul

  18. Shayan Mukherjee

  19. James Patrick Scanlan

  20. Stephanie Hicks

    I'm an Assistant Professor in Biostatistics. I develop statistical methods, tools and open software for the analysis of single-cell genomics data.

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