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Tags: synthetic biology

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  1. Theresa Good

    Atlanta, NSF

  2. Orlando de Lange

    I apply systems and synthetic biology methods to understanding specificity within plant immune responses. I also am heavily involved in the DIYbio community and help to run a DIYbio lab in Seattle.

  3. Chris Myers

  4. Mark Styczynski

  5. Farren Isaacs

  6. Vassily Hatzimanikatis

  7. Anke Becker

  8. Kaihang Wang

  9. John I Glass

  10. Markus Schmidt

  11. Tony Jia

  12. Yutetsu Kuruma

  13. Betül Kacar

    My name is Betul Kacar (pron. BE-tuel KUH-jarr) and I am interested in understanding life’s working strategies at the molecular level and how the ancestral behavior of...

  14. Irene Chen

  15. Jeffrey Barrick

  16. Loren Williams

  17. Nicole R. Buan

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