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  1. Martijn Slob

    I am founder of AlgebraKiT, an EdTech company in the Netherlands. Past experience: applied maths engineer (15 years) and high school teacher (5 years)

  2. Rik Crutzen

    I’m a recently appointed Professor of Behaviour Change and Technology at Maastricht University (The Netherlands). My background is in health promotion (PhD, 2009), e-communication (Master of Arts,...

  3. Simone Cardoso de Oliveira

  4. Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar

  5. Ida Ngambeki

  6. Alejandra Magana

  7. Greg Strimel

  8. Scott Bartholomew

  9. Ian Kelleher

    I am Research Lecturer/Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. I studied Psychology and Neuroscience before completing my Medical degree, PhD in Psychiatric...

  10. Julie Remold

  11. Andrea Wiggins

  12. Thomas Stewart

  13. Vivian Genaro Motti

  14. Nigel Jacob

  15. Katie Headrick Taylor

    I grew up in an East Tennessee valley in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains. After graduating high school, I attended New York University where I studied Urban Studies (I was desperate to...

  16. Donna Auguste

  17. Erika Tate

    Dr. Erika D. Tate founded bluknowledge to extend the scope and impact of her community service and design knowledge that leads to healthy, sustainable, and just communities. She earned her PhD in...

  18. Howard Shen

    Howard Shen is currently the Data Director for Basecamp, Summit Public School's free program providing the support, resources, and training to bring personalized learning to schools across the...

  19. James Slotta

  20. Jay Pfaffman

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